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If you are an authorized KSAA dealer, you may click below to access
your on-line reports.

We have been working on converting our operating system to the ASI System. We have begun deploying reports and hope to have all of them functioning properly shortly.

During this transition, please contact the office to have block reports, seller reports, etc. sent to you either by e-mail or fax.


If you are not authorized for on-line reports and would like access, or are
having difficulties, please contact KSAA.

Live Auctions on the KSAA Lease Line available for registered Dealers.

Live Auction

Dealer only sales are held every Thursday, beginning at 9:00 a.m. EST.  You must be registered with Kesler-Schaefer Auto Auction to be able to bid at one of these auctions.  See some of the vehicles we have auctioned in the past 12 months by clicking here. 

September Sale Calendar:  updated 09/16/2014  (Subject to changes/additions)

Thursday, September 18, 9:00 am Confiscated Vehicle Sale.  More than 60 units from  IMPD, FBI, Hamilton/Boone Drug Task Force, Marion County Sheriff, State of Indiana and Metro Drug Task Force, plus units from Ball State University.  See final list of vehicles offered at this saleSee pictures of vehicles offered at this sale.

Thursday, September 25 Regular Sale

"On the Fence" Inoperable Sale starts at 9:30 am
Morning Sale (M Line) starts 10:00 to 11:00am
Lease, Repos and Truck Line starts at 11:00 am
New Car Trade Line (N Line) starts at 11:30am
Truck Sale (T Line) starts at Noon
Regular Sale (A, B, C Lines) starts at 12:30 pm
Bid Badge Drawing at end of sale

October Preview

Thursday, October 2, 9:00 am Miller Pipeline Co.  More than 60 dump trucks, pickups, trailers and more.  See early list of vehicles offered at this saleSee pictures of vehicles offered at this sale.



If you do not have a dealer registration on file with Kesler-Schaefer Auto Auction, click

on the link below for information on required forms and procedure to register with KSAA.


Dealer Registration